The use of creating a Microsoft office account

Microsoft is a well-organized platform for many computer toolkits needed on daily basis. This includes the office suit too. The is an ultimate collection of applications such as word, excel, and PowerPoint. These applications help a lot for an individual to deal with many projects undertaken. Microsoft has designed these applications in such a way that they are easy to handle and delicate in working. The office is a mostly used software suite used in the United States. It updates itself frequently to give the user an amazing experience to use it in as simple as possible way.

But many of the times users are confused about the working process of the office for installing it. It is as simple as installing any software on your Pc. The first and the most necessary thing is having a Microsoft account registered in the name of the User. If you are confused or stuck in any of the processes in creating the account then we will explain to you right from the beginning and in detail about the same. Just be with us by reading this content properly.

Creating an account for Installing Microsoft account

Before performing any step for getting the office on your Pc, creating an account on it is necessary.

  • Perform the search with the help of the web browser on your Pc for the website
  • Now the window appearing first will be a part of the official website.
  • First, the office will ask you to sign in if you probably have an account on it.
  • But as you don’t then will create one by clicking on the ‘create one option present just below.
  • Then you must have an email Id registered in your own name or create one with Microsoft.
  • If you have an email Id (Let it be of Gmail or any other email id instead of Microsoft) then enter it there.
  • But if you don’t have one then we have given the method to create an email Id on Microsoft.
  • Then click on the Next button and create a strong password for the account.
  • So, Here you need to enter the verification code received on your email address. It is generally 4 digit.
  • Then you enter the personal details such as Name, Date of Birth, and Country of residence.
  • Now you need to solve the puzzle given by the office to verify yourself.
  • After that, you are ready with your MsOffice and ready to purchase the subscriptions.
  • The email address provided by you and the Password created will be the login details for your account.

Creating an email Id registered on Microsoft

This is for the user not having an email Id:

  1. Below the option of email address click on the ‘Get an email address option’.
  2. Now you must select any suitable name for the email address that is easy to remember and must be unique.
  3. The email can be like ‘’.
  4. Then create a strong password and with the help of a puzzle verify it and the account is ready.
  5. Now you can use this email address to create an account for
office myaccount

Purchasing subscription & Downloading

First, we’ll see the Purchasing of a subscription

  • Sign in to the account of office and then you will see a button called ‘Back to Subscriptions’.
  • Now we click on that button.
  • Here you’ll see various office suites that will help to complete our work.
  • You can go for the free trial to test the performance of the package or you can purchase it by clicking on the more info button.
  • After clicking on that button you need to click on the buy now button on the next page.
  • Then we select the pack based on the home and business criteria.
  • Now here you need to complete the 3 steps i.e. Select a way to Pay, Review and confirm and Get the subscription.
  • Complete all these steps as instructed by Microsoft and purchase the office suite.
  • You will receive an email on your registered email id about the successful purchase of the product with the product key.

Now Download the Suite on your Pc for Offline Installation

  • After the successful purchase of the Product from Microsoft you get a download button on your account
    Or simply you are redirected to the downloads page of the same website.
  • Simply click on the download button and you will go to the download page of the account.
  • Here you will see your product with an install option.
  • By clicking on the install option, the download will start and the fill will download on your Pc.
  • Sometimes immediately after the purchase of the software, the redirects us to the download link And by clicking on that link the download starts.

Configuring the

This Includes 3 steps i.e. Extracting, Activating, and Installing:

First will see the extraction process:

  • For the consumption of fewer data, the download file will present in the ZIP form.
  • Here you have to right-click on that file and click on the Extract option.
  • The file will extract in the same folder beside the ZIP file.
  • If your Pc does not have any extracted then download one.

Activation Process:

  • After the extraction, open the folder and find the setup file.
  • Open the setup file and grant the permissions to install it.
  • Now you have to enter the product key as given by application on your email.
  • Then enter office product key in the same format and click on the activate now button.
  • After this, the software verifies the activation key itself by taking some time.
  • Finally, the activation of the software is successful.

The Final Step:

  • In this after the activation, you have to remove all the previous of office present on your Pc
  • Then do this, you have to click on the Install button
  • After that, check the checkbox of the agreement
  • Now the installation starts and finishes depending on your Pc Speed.
  • Enjoy the suite completing the presentation and spreadsheet work