benifits of office 365

Top Benefits of office 365

Office 365  Features, Advantages, Pros & Cons

Office 365 is an online version of Microsoft office. It has many advantages over a regular Microsoft office. It comes with more apps than a regular Microsoft office. Benefits of Office 365 like its theft protection are fabilus. Since it is a subscription, you will get the latest updates with your subscription. Now office 365 has one drive. You can store your documents here and can have their access anywhere.

Office 365 Provides More apps:-

  • Besides including the core apps like MS word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. Office 365 adds more apps like Skype, one drive, yammer, share point, etc.
  • Each of these apps is built to perform a unique function.
  • Not only you can install these apps on your pc but also on your mobile or tablet.
  • These apps also have various updated features like, MS word now has a dark mode. In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can save your very own created Gifs. Talking about Microsoft Excel now you can easily convert data from pdf to excel spreadsheet.


  • Using office 365 you can run online versions of all benefits of office 365 apps. It means you can create or edit documents online for word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • Besides this, you can also access your contacts, emails, etc with help of office 365. This online facility gives you the mobility to use office apps wherever you go.
  • It means you don’t need to carry your device to do work. You can log in to your account from any device and have access to your apps.


  • All the benefits of office 365 apps are designed to share your documents.
  • Now you can work with another user live on documents and can see the real-time edits. But for this feature, you need to use the online version of the word, excel, etc. Just you need to click on the share button. Then enter the e-mail of the user and after this that user will be accessing the same file as yours.
  • You can also send a link to have access to your documents.
  • Furthermore, you can attach your files in the mail and share them with other users.


  • Office 365 comes with inbuilt antivirus and threat protection. So you need not purchase additional antivirus products.
  • It protects your device from malware and other harmful threats. Its theft security is much more secure than any other antivirus software.
  • Office 365 scans for malicious emails and websites, and blocks them.
  • Furthermore, you can use multi-factor authentication with the help of office 365. Then the data loss protection helps to keep your personal and financial details secure.
  • With the help of office 365, you can manage your android, iOS devices too.


  • One drive in the benefits of office 365 provides up to 5 TB of storage per user.
  • The storage size depends upon your subscription.
  • You can save your files securely here. Since these files are stored in the cloud, you need not worry about losing data. In case your laptop is lost you can recover your files from one drive.
  • You can access your files anytime and anywhere in the world. All you need is just logging in.
  • Besides this, you can share your files or folder with anyone you want to work with. In addition, you get the”personal vault”.
  • This facility allows you to store your sensitive files safely.

Automatic updates:-

  • In-office 365, you need not update your apps from time to time. With the yearly subscription, the latest features of these apps will be provided to you.
  • And the latest features are awesome. For example, in Ms word, you can now correct your spelling mistakes.

Besides these services, office 365 offers to Delve, Power BI, Sway, Stream, Planner, Flow, and Forms. For more details, you can visit These are all the benefits of the office 365 app.

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